Stevia! Instead of sugar?

steviaWhat is Stevia?
Stevia is a tiny shrub, a native of Latin America and cultivated in many regions of the world, especially in China. The leaves of Stevia containing various natural sweeteners, and the final product, which extracted by the extraction method is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar.

What is our sweetener?It contains a sweetener stevia with other natural ingredients with amazing taste crystallic form that substitutes sugar for every use.

What is its use?
It substitutes the common, granulated sugar and synthetic sweeteners in food & beverages, for example in diet soft drinks, liqueurs, cakes, dietetic foods, etc. Our products are produced in Greece in state-of-the-art industrial facilities, applying a food safety management system in conformance with the ISO 22000 (H.A.C.C.P) standard.

Is it true that this perfect sugar substitute is giving 10% of calories?
The sweetener Onstevia contains sweetener stevia plant extract with natural ingredients. Carbohydrates and sugar yields 4 calories per gram, while the sweetener Onstevia contains low calories ingredients which yields 0.4 calories per gram, at any level of consumption.

Does it help in loss of weight?
Due to the ingredients it contains, it has low calories and therefore contributes positively to weight control and weight loss, being ideal for diets.

Is it appropriate for people with diabetes ?
Absolutely. It is an alternative for people who need to control the intake of sugars and calories (diabetes).

Does it resist at high temperatures ?
Onstevia will maintain its taste, since it consists of ingredients that does not degrade and does not lose the sweetness, even when cooked at temperatures up to 200 Celsius.  This means it can replace sugar in a wider range of foods, including hot drinks and pastries that require cooking (e.g. jams) or baking.

How would you use it ?
You can use it as a sweetener in coffee, tea, beverages and any other drink, cold or hot, but also to replace sugar in recipes for preparing liqueurs, ice-creams, frozen yogurt, jams, cakes, pastries, sauces, etc.

Should I try it ?
If you consume sugar, the sweetener Onstevia is the best alternative.

Is it safe ?
All the ingredients of the Onstevia sweetener is approved by international organizations, as well as the production and packaging is done in modern facilities in conformance with the ISO 22000 standard.