Half Spoon Photo

The innovative product of Onstevia Half Spoon Sweetener with only 50% calories per serving is addressing mainly consumers that care for their diets by reducing the consumption of sugar, using a light product.

Inovia reduced the calories of the sugar by 50% (which clearly is displayed on the packaging) by adding the Stevia sweetener delivered from the stevia plant and crystalline white sugar.

In that way, the consumer is getting the same sweet taste like the sugar without receiving any unnecessary calories, and in parallel gets all the benefits of the natural Stevia sweetener from the Stevia plant.

The Onstevia Half Spoon Sweetener is ideal for athletes that are on diet.

It is offered in 2 packages :

  • Onstevia Half Spoon Sweetener with Crystalline white sugar, 1 Kgr (in a paper bag similar to the sugar bag).

  • Onstevia Half Spoon Sweetener with Demerara brown sugar, 500 gr (in a doy pack).

This is not certified for Type 2 Diebetes.