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Replace white sugar with Stevia.
OnStevia equals 50Kg of Sugar

  • Natural sweetener derived from stevia plant,

  • 100% natural without chemical admixtures,

  • Certified for consumption by people with Diabetes,

  • Gluten Free,

  • With zero calories, suitable for diets,

  • Ideal for juices, soft drinks, tea,

  • Approved from European Food Safety Authority,

  • Consists from mixture of Steviol Glycosides derived from Stevia Plant with Reb A 98% & Erythritol,

  • Produced by Inovia in EU in state-of-the-art industrial facilities.



Certificates of Analysis are available

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We are the best Stevia Sweeteners at the best price. 

We are looking for distributors/importers in all major European countries, USA, South America, South Africa, North African countries, Middle East, Turkey, India, China, Australia, New Zealand.

INOVIA produces and distributes sweeteners based on Stevia that are natural tasteful, healthful, certified and at low price. The brand name of our products is ONSTEVIA.

INOVIA, a company with a forward-looking spirit and philosophy, was founded in 2013.Our vision is to constantly create new products from natural raw materials, always assuring the quality thereof. INOVIA’s products are produced in Greece in state-of-the- art industrial facilities, applying a food safety management system in conformance with the ISO 22000 (H.A.C.C.P) standard.

Our factory is equipped with leading edge technology machinery used for the quantitative and qualitative production, the processing of quality and production data, and the design and development of new company products.

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Inovia with Onstevia products has successfully attended at Anuga 2017 in Kologne from 7th till 11th of October, 2017.

At the world’s largest and most important trade fair for food and beverages, Inovia was among the other 7,000 exhibitors and has managed to establish great collaborations achieving 100% its objectives.

Our top selling product Onstevia Half Spoon Sweetener with Stevia and crystal white or brown sugar having with only 50% calories per serving was mainly displayed on each new packaging during the trade fair days.

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The innovative product of Onstevia Half Spoon Sweetener with only 50% calories per serving is addressing mainly consumers that care for their diets by reducing the consumption of sugar, using a light product.

Inovia reduced the calories of the sugar by 50% (which clearly is displayed on the packaging) by adding the Stevia sweetener delivered from the stevia plant and crystalline white sugar.

In that way, the consumer is getting the same sweet taste like the sugar without receiving any unnecessary calories, and in parallel gets all the benefits of the natural Stevia sweetener from the Stevia plant.

The Onstevia Half Spoon Sweetener is ideal for athletes that are on diet.

It is offered in 2 packages :

  • Onstevia Half Spoon Sweetener with Crystalline white sugar, 1 Kgr (in a paper bag similar to the sugar bag).

  • Onstevia Half Spoon Sweetener with Demerara brown sugar, 500 gr (in a doy pack).

This is not certified for Type 2 Diebetes.

Onstevia products of INOVIA S.A. has been placed on the shelves of approximately 250 supermarkets of AB Vasilopoulos. AB Vasilopoulos consumers has accepted Onstevia sweetener products with great pleasure based on their innovation and great taste.

The Onstevia Light Sugar 50% with Stevia sweetener (50% Sugar + 50% Onstevia sweetener) is ideal for consumers that care for healthful balanced diets and in parallel can enjoy sweet pastries.

Onstevia products have great taste with low calories and are being used in the same way like sugar for refreshments, coffee, tea, pastries and ice creams.

We expect new and exciting announcements from Inovia and with more innovative Onstevia sweetener products.